Urgo Filmogel Cold Sores 24 applicators

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Dressing gel which helps to treat cold sores

Manufacturer: Urgo

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Urgo cold sore is exclusively used as a treatment of cold sores:

From the first tingling: It allows to limit the appearance of the sore, while ensuring complete discretion through the formation of its transparent film.

If the sore is very visible: It helps protect and promote healing, while offering real comfort to the application thanks to its conformable film that adapts to all sizes and locations of the sore. 

Whatever the stage of the sore, it also helps to reduce the risk of spreading, and relieves pain. 


Cold sore treatment

Directions for use

  • Apply the dose needed to cover the sore using the disposable applicator on clean skin. You may experience a tingling sensation or temporary burning upon application.
  • Leave to dry for about 1 to 2 minutes. The drying time depends on the amount of product applied. A transparent film is formed on your cold sore.
  • This Filmogel is to be used from the first symptoms (tingling, itching, burning) up to four times a day to limit the release of the sore. 

    • For the continuation of the treatment, renew the application as often as necessary, according to how well the film holds on your skin and on your lip: from 2 to 4 applications per day maximum.
    • Continue the treatment until complete healing.

      • Urgo cold sore has been designed for practical, safe and hygienic application.  


      Do not apply in the following cases:

      • On herpes labialis where the diameter is greater than 1 cm and require medical advice.

      • In case of immunodepression (related to chronic disease and / or induced chemotherapy).
      • In case of atopic eczema during pushing.
      • In the absence of studies in pregnant or breastfeeding women, Use of the product is not recommended.
      Precautions for use:
      • Do not use in children under 6 years.
      • Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure or if you have more than 6 outbreaks of herpes a year or if there is no favorable course after 7 days.

      • In case of bacterial infection and / or risk of bacterial infection (impetigo).


      Cellulose derivative, mineral acid, carboxylic acid, vegetable oil, alcohol and water


      24 applicators

      1 x 3ml bottle.

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      Very good, but there should be a leaflet in English.