Urgo dressings Optiskin 10cm x 7cm box of 10

Sterile adhesive bandages, semi permeable, transparent.

Manufacturer: Urgo



SKU: 4337512 Urgo Optiskin dressing 10 cm x 7 cm 10 dressings

Overview : Optiskin is a band-aid, waterproof, sterile, consisting of a film semi thin polyurethane, coated with a mass adhesive hypoallergenic acrylic and an aborbante compress non-woven top of absorption, covered with a veil protector anti-adhering in polyethylene. The adhesive mass is protected by 2 gripping fins, and the dressing is covered with a transparent polypropylene film which facilitates the application. operating instructions : 1 - skin Preparation If necessary, shave the hair to ensure a good adhesion of the dressing, Conduct necessary to hemostasis of the wound, widely Disinfect the wound, rinse and dry carefully. 2 Application of the dressing 3 - dressing is Removed