Urgo dressings healing quick box of 8

SKU: 6355773 Urgo healing fast bandages box of 8


The dressings healing fast, Urgo laboratories are innovative and technical dressings that accelerate wound healing. Their compress hydrocolloid technology allows rapid healing while relieving pain. 2 formats of these dressings in box allow a job on most of the locations of the body. efficiency and the speed of action of Urgo healing quick dressings are a unique combination:

  • waterproof for protection and discretion and transparent support perfect
  • a form adapted to the localization of an outfit and optimal protection
  • gauze hydrocolloid for quick healing and a relieved pain.

operating Urgo healing quick tips:

Apply Urgo healing quick dressings on skin clean and dry previously disinfected preferably.


Box of 8 dressings in 2 formats: 20x74mm and 40x72mm