Urgo belt heater refills 4 patches

refills for heating belt Urgo.

Manufacturer: Urgo

  • 1 Gel Hydroalcoolique 100ml FREE
SKU: 4108958 Urgo belt heater refills 4 patches


Refills of patches for the heating belt of Urgo laboratories effectively relieve muscle pain: muscle aches and lumbago. patches is placed directly inside the belt. From the contact with air, the natural components of the patch heated urgo composed of charcoal and iron powder react and release constant, soothing heat for 8 hours. Heat diffuses deep ensuring an optimal well-being. Its removal is easy and perfectly painless. the belt can be used freely during the day without any particular gene. It allows to remain free in his movements while providing a real calming.

Indications refills Urgo heating belt:

heating belt wearing is especially indicated in the case:

  • muscle pain (muscle tension)
  • Low back pain

operating tips:

place the patches directly into the belt. The bag must be printed towards the body side. Place the belt with the patches towards the inside. Adjust the belt at your leisure. Each refill has a single use.