Urgo Algoplaque Film Thin 5cm x 10cm

Dressing sterile extra thin hydrocolloid
Manufacturer: Urgo


SKU 7626263 Urgo Algoplaque Film Thin 5 cm x 10 cm

Overview :
Algoplaque Film is a sterile adhesive dressing composed of hydrocolloids applied on a surface protector.
packaging individual, ready to use.
Algoplaque Film form in contact with the wound a wet gel which creates favourable conditions for healing.
Algoplaque Film is translucent and allows the monitoring of the wound. Thanks to its flexibility and its impermeability, Algoplaque Film adapts to all areas of the body and allows to take baths or showers.

instruction manual :
1 - preparing the wound area
-clean the wound using standard techniques and dry the contour of the wound with sterile gauze. In case of dirty wound, cleaned with an antiseptic solution, rinse with saline and dry the edges of the wound.

2 Application of the dressing
remove the protective paper and apply without voltage Algoplaque Film on the wound and avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers. Leave an eave of 2 to 3 cm in skin healthy.
Smooth dressing gently on the wound and more firmly to the outskirts.

3 - renewal
it is better to wait that the dressing is partially taken off before renewing, premature removal may damage the skin healthy.
it is recommended to not remove the dressing before 48 hours.
to facilitate the withdrawal , it is recommended to pull the edges of the dressing in parallel to the skin.

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