Urgo Algoplaque 15cmx15cm box of 10

hydrocolloid promoting the healing of ulcers, pressure ulcers and burns.
Manufacturer: Urgo


SKU 7626228 Urgo Algoplaque 15cmx15cm box of 10


box of 10 hydrocolloid dressings, Urgo laboratories. Algoplaque is a hydrocolloid adhesive, transparent and waterproof to effect second skin. It is indicated for the treatment of leg ulcers, pressure sores and burns. Support polyurethane is impervious to water and bacteria, and breathable, it avoids the maceration. The hydrocolloid gel is damp and filled the wound helps healing in terms of hydration, temperature and pH. The hydrocolloid gel formed at the level of the wound is nonstick, the dressing is Atraumatic.

Urgo Algoplaque operating tips:

first of all, clean the wound with saline and carefully dry the rim with a sterile compress.

then directly apply the dressing on the wound leaving overflow about 3 cm on healthy skin. smooth dressing on its periphery for adhesion.


in contact with the wound, the gel is visible through the dressing under the aspect of a bubble of white, gradually extensive color surface.
dressing is to renew until viewed frost reaches the edges of it.

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