UPSA Magnesium Action continues 60 tablets

SKU: 6004890 UPSA Magnesium Action Continue 60 pills


This food supplement UPSA Magnsium Action Continue brings the magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral, which contributes to good physical and psychological body functioning. He took part in:

  • a reduction in fatigue
  • normal muscular operation
  • a good energy metabolism

Indications UPSA Magnesium Action continues:

with a socket per day of Magnsium Upsa Action Continue your daily magnesium needs are covered. Thanks to innovative patented his Tablet, Magnesium Upsa Action continues delivers in a progressive manner of small quantities of magnesium to the nearest the body needs 8 hours to coverage optimized magnesium needs.

operating tips:

Is suitable for adults and adolescents. It is recommended a taking two tablets per day, preferably at breakfast every morning for a month.

In case of intense fatigue you can take 2 additional tablets. However it is recommended not to exceed a taking 4 tablets per day.


For 1 taking 2 tablets of 50 mg/day: 100mg of Magnesium (26.7% RDA *)

For 2-shot 2 tablets of 50 mg/day: 200mg of Magnesium (53.3% RDA *)

* RDA = recommended daily