Unyque panty liners Flex and ultrafine box 30

SKU: 6700236 Unyque panty liners Flex and ultrafine box 30


Panty liner Unyque ultra-slim provides daily your protection intimate, hygiene and freshness by preventing risks of irritation.

Unyque panty liner ultrafine composition:

This protects Superfine slip contains :

  • A veil 100% cotton Non woven

This very smooth sail, is totally respectful of the pH value of the female intimacy and fragility.

  • A Micro-aerated Perspirant Protection Film

This film lets the skin breathe.

  • 100% cotton inside

Textile, is of a very high level of absorption and regulates intimate moisture.

  • Double adhesive tape

These bands will maintain and secure, the establishment of protection.

  • A safety, comfort and smoothness

The composition of the protection is additive-free, dye-free, fragrance-free and without chlorine.