Tulle Gras Solvay 10 unit sterile compresses 10 x 10

Compress Tulle Gras for the healing of wounds in optimal conditions
Manufacturer: Abbott
  • 3 or more: £9.35
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SKU 7892332 Tulle Gras Solvay 10 unit sterile compresses 10 x 10

product description:

its properties:

it's a bandage sterile, protective, non allergenic and non adherent, facilitating physiological cleansing of the wound.

Viscose, airy and breathable fabric allows:

-wound exudation,

. the gas exchange, and avoids the risk of maceration. Box of 10 unit compresses sterile of 10cm x 10cm.

operating tips:

External use.

Open the protective bag.

Retrieve the compress.

Remove the first protective.

After cleaning the wound, apply directly Tulle Gras Solvay on the wound or burn.

Remove the second protective.

Cover the dressing with a flexible and elastic bandage.

Change dressing 2 or 3 times per week, if required.

The dressing can be done in single, double or triple thickness depending on the importance of the wound and dressing time.

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