Topicrem the essential Ultra Moisturizing milk body Lot of 2 x 500ml

Ultra 24 h moisturizing body milk, penetrates instantly.

Manufacturer: Topicrem

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SKU: 2632626 Topicrem Ultra essential moisturizing milk body Lot 2x500ml

properties of milk body Ultra moisturizer Topicrem:

This body milk Ultra moisturizer is ideal for dry skin and dehydrated (by the cold, the Sun...) as well as the fragile epidermis of children. Elmusion agents-rich, creamy moisturizers (urea 2%, glycerin 9.5%) protectors and refattening, this body lotion provides 24 h efficiency and done away with the signs of dryness.

Tips for using milk body Ultra moisturizer Topicrem:

Daily, apply light massage to moisturize the skin durably.

body Ultra moisturizer Topicrem milk:

Is good for 12 months after opening