Thermacare heating Patch Painkiller belt box 2


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Thermacare Patch heating Painkiller belt box 2compresses are designed to fit the shape of the lower back and hips and are thin enough to be worn discreetly under clothing; they allow you to move freely while providing a therapeutic heat to relax tight muscles in the lower back. Thermacare Heatwraps provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with overexertion, strains, sprains and arthritis. thermacare Heatwraps contain ingredients (iron, coal, salt and water) that heats up when exposed to oxygen in the air. As soon as you open the ThermaCare bag, the pad begins to warm to achieve its full therapeutic temperature in 30 minutes. either during your daily activities or your housework or by relaxing, thermacare Heatwraps disposable provide a heat therapy for back and hip pain .

Operating tips:

when using as indicated , thermacare Heatwraps may be worn 8 hours per day for 7 consecutive days *. Apply compresses at the first sign of discomfort - which will prevent pain interfere with your daily life. * use according to the mode of employment to therapeutic heat, follow the following steps :< br > 1. Open the pouch by tearing it, only at the time of use. The ThermaCare heatwrap can take up to 30 minutes before reaching its full temperature therapy. < br > 2. Place the compress on the side of dark skin on the lower back or hip, to the place sore. < br > 3. If you are 55 years old or more, apply the compress over clothing rather than directly on the skin. < br > 4. Press firmly. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to wear ThermaCare for 8 hours straight.

Do not use for more than 8 hours per period of 24 hours.

Box 2 belts.