Thermacare Self-heating Neck and Nape Patches 2 units

Placeable on the neck, shoulder or wrist

Manufacturer: Cooper



SKU: 6032969


Thermacare Patch heating 2 neck and neck patches provide practical therapeutic heat and continues to relieve pain anywhere, anytime. These ultra-thin compresses marry the shape of the neck, shoulders and wrists, targeting the sore spot. The compress for neck, shoulder and disposable wrist can be applied on the following sore areas: neck, shoulder, upper back, wrist and elbow outside. It is thin enough to be worn discreetly under clothing and allow you to move freely while providing a heat therapy to relieve minor muscle aches and those associated with overexertion, strains, sprains and arthritis.

Thermacare Heatwraps contain (iron, coal, salt and water) ingredients that become hot when exposed to the oxygen in the air. As soon as you open the ThermaCare bag, the pad begins to warm, to achieve its full therapeutic temperature in 30 minutes. Thermacare heatwraps are also available in pack of 6 thermacare pack of 6.

Operating tips:

thermacare Heatwraps provide a therapeutic heat to relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, wrists and upper back region. Whether it's during your daily activities or your housework or by relaxing, thermacare Heatwraps may be worn 8 hours per day, 7 consecutive days *. Starting treatment with the ThermaCare pads as soon as the first symptoms of muscle or joint pain. Apply compresses at the first sign of discomfort can prevent pain interfere with your daily


do not use for more than 8 hours per period of 24 hours. do not use with ointments, lotions, creams or medicated ointments; on unhealthy, damaged or cracked skin on bruises or swelling that occurred within 48 hours; on non-communicative individuals follow all instructions or remove the compress themselves , whose children, babies and some elderly persons; on parts of the body where the heat can be felt. with other sources of heat. Discontinue use if you experience discomfort, burning sensations, swelling, skin irritation, or any other persistent skin condition to the place where you wear the compress.

Box 2 compresses.