Thermacare Patch Auto-Chauffant multi-zone x 3

patch self-warming Painkiller multi-zone to effectively relieve muscle aches.

Manufacturer: Cooper

SKU: 3017234 Thermacare Patch Auto-Chauffant multi-zone x 3


Thermacare Patch Auto-Chauffant is a multi-zone patch that adapts to all kinds of areas, the back, the arms or legs. Thus, it can be applied exactly to the place of pain.

This patch effectively relieves muscle and joint pain associated with muscle tension, aches, or osteoarthritis. It is also suitable for type chronic or occasional pain.

Patch is self-heating because it has multiple cells containing dynamic agents in the air, such as iron. Warming begins with the opening of the pouch, when the alveoli are in contact with the oxygen of the air. Thus, diffused heat relieves deep and lasting pain for 8 hours.

Tips for using Thermacare Patch Auto-Chauffant:

  • Open the pouch just before use. The optimal temperature is reached after about 30 minutes,

  • detach the adhesive, ends

  • apply the patch on the painful area. Do not overlap the heating alveoli. In people over age 55, wear the patch on a garment and not directly on the skin,

  • patch can be worn 8 hours 8 hours

  • after 8 hours, remove the patch and throw it in the trash.