TheraPearl Kids compress Grenadine

TheraPearl Kids compress is made up of beads to combine therapy warm or cold to effectively relieve pain in children

Manufacturer: TheraPearl

SKU: 9713032 TheraPearl Kids compress Grenadine


TheraPearl Kids compress consists of pearls to combine therapy warm or cold to effectively relieve the pains of the children on a daily basis.These colorful animals are adapted to the size of the children, they soothe and comfort your children while healing. The shape and color of this Pack have fun your children and they will forget their minor injuries.TheraPearl technology brings flexibility and malleability to the compress and allows a perfect adaptation to the body. Not toxic, reusable, this Pack is ideal to relieve muscle pain, tear, stroke, arthritis, dental pain.Contains a compress of: 8.9 cm x 12.1 cm.

Using advice:

Cold therapy: put in the freezer at least two hours.Warm therapy: put in the microwave for the duration and temperature indicated on the operating instructions.The application should not exceed 20 minutes.


Relieve in case of insect bites, minor injuries, bump, headaches.