Theralica slimming bars pie lemon 5 bars

Bar Theralica slimming, taste of lemon pie.
Manufacturer: Théragreen
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SKU 3501037 Theralica slimming bars pie lemon 5 bars


Bars Theralica slimming are ideal hyperprotidiques snacks as part of a low-fat diet.

Taste of Lemon tart, it is ideal as a fun snack. These bars are calorie and CARB apprauvries.

  • Method for a gradual reintroduction of food.
  • A method which allows to gradually reintroduce the calorie levels and allows gentle rehabilitation of the ponderostat.
  • Method requiring not abruptly stop his plan.



Operating tips

Take 1 to 2 bars per day.

Taken as part of a low-fat diet, this snack should in no way be a substitute for a healthy and varied diet.