Theragreen Theralica FO eyestrain 30 capsules + 30 capsules

Of Ginkgo biloba for the view
Manufacturer: Théragreen
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Theragreen Theralica FO (eyestrain) combines in its formula of polyunsaturated fatty acids, carotenoids (loss and zeaxanthin) and the asthaxanthine and ginkgo biloba. The Ginkgo is involved in the proper functioning of the view. Vitamin E and vitamin C helps protect cells against oxidative stress. Theralica FO also contains lactic ferments (3 strains for 3 billion bacteria).

Operating tips:

Take 1 capsule of active ingredient per day: Blue blister and a daily fish oil capsule. It is preferable to prolonged treatments.


1 capsule blister blue composition: extract of ginkgo biloba 63mg, vitamin C 27 mg, lutein 10 mg, vitamin B3 5.4 mg, vitamin E 4 mg, zinc 3.34 mg, zeaxanthin 3.18 mg, vitamin B5 2 mg astaxanthin 1.75 mg, vitamin B6 0.47 mg, vitamin B2 0.47 mf, vitamin B1 0.36 mg, vitamin B9 60g, vitamin B8 17g, 17 g selenium , vitamin B12 0.83 g. maltodextrin, DL Alpha Tocopherol Capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, colourant: E171, anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Capsule: oil concntree of fish 500mg and 315 mg DHA 30 mg of EPA, fish gelatine, emulsifier: Glycerin


2 blister blue 15 capsules of active principles

2 gray 15 capsules fish oil blisters

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