The Veinacrise fresh 100ml Gel pharmacy counter


SKU 1882335 Le Comptoir Du Pharmacien Veinacrise Gel Fracheur 100Ml


Fresh Veinacrise legs gel consists of a synergy of 5 organic essential oils of peppermint, mint arvensis, Cypress, lemon, Myrtle traditionally used as a decongestant, refreshing and stimulating circulation. It is enriched with natural extract of Red vine Bio, famous for its incredible circulatory virtues. This natural synergy is formulated for the comfort of legs.

directions for use:

Apply on the feet and legs tired, at any time of the day, massage from the bottom to the top. Does not stick, do not try and use on tights.


Product of natural origin. Organic essential oils. Essential oils: organic Myrtle, organic Peppermint, organic arvensis Mint, organic Cypress, lemon bio. Water, organic alcohol, real water distilled from organic Peppermint, organic extract of Red vine leaf.


Tube of 100ml.

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