The Oaks 804 Pack help 3 has weight loss

SKU: 9820064 the 3 oak 804 Pack help has weight loss

1 - protocol slimming it takes you in hand during 8 days. day after day, the food programme is thoroughly explained to achieve your objective. thinness of the 804 program is balanced, simple and enjoyable. The allowed foods are at will, thus avoiding starvation, deficiencies and fatigue. 2 - Solution Buvable * Helps control weight and contributes to the regulation of the lipid metabolism: oat bran * Detoxified, purifies: green tea, burdock * Improves venous return: red vine * Facilitates digestion and regulates the transit: prebiotic (inulin), pineapple and her oats. 3 - Tablet day * drains : Meadowsweet * Stimulates: guarana, mate and vitamin C * Regulates transit: prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharides) 4 - tablet at night * Detoxified: green tea * Relaxes, de-stresses: lime, cocoa from magnesium and vitamin B6 * Facilitates digestion: fennel and verbena 5 - soup slimming 8.0.4 original recipe * easy to prepare: ready in 3 minutes * carefully selected vegetables * formula slimming : onion, tomato, green cabbage, red pepper, celery. operating tips : during 8 days, follow the food programme and hygiene of life guidelines detailed in the Protocol. slimming every day, take a Tablet day during breakfast and 1 tablet night at dinner. every morning, drink 20 ml oral solution diluted in a glass of water. eat soup at least 3 times per day mix 5 teaspoons of soup in 40 ml of water boiling. Let stand 3 minutes: your soup is ready. Season at your convenience.