The Konjac Sponge sponge face 100% pure Konjac - all skin types

Sponge Konjac 100% natural to clean and exfoliate the skin on a daily basis
Manufacturer: The Konjac Sponge


SKU 1380106


This sponge Konjac can be used on all skin types and allows to clean thoroughly on a daily basis and it leaves the skin soft and beautiful


SquarePants Konjac is 100% natural and 100% without dye. It exfoliates gently, tightens pores, removes makeup and is gentle enough for the contour of the eyes. Its pH is neutral. Sponge provides a natural cleaning, revitalizes the face and body. It gently exfoliates the skin leaving a bright aspect.

Tips to use:

SquarePants Konjac can be used with or without product cleaning. The sponge cleans perfectly without adding any product. It allows otherwise to use much less product than with a cotton. Always rinse the sponge and allow to soak up water. Gently massage the skin using circular movements. Rinse sponge after use and remove excess water by pressing it carefully. Allow it to dry in a ventilated (preferably not in the shower) and change it as soon as it starts aa spoil (on average every three months).


As soon as you want to clean the face


100% pure Konjac



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