The Konjac Sponge Company Pack of 8 drives Makeup Removers

SKU: 1380146 The Konjac Sponge Company Pack De 8 Disques Dmaquillants


Cleansing drives 100% natural fiber from Konjac.

More eco-friendly than cotton, these cleansing drives are designed from konjac fibre.

The Konjac is a perennial plant native to Asia, it is found in the wild at very high altitudes, thus preserving pollution.

In the Japan and China, it is used in the diet and is very appreciated for its low-calorie.

Make-up disks are shipped in dry form.

When wet, they become extremely soft.

Sweeter than muslin and flannel (cotton), make-up disks can be used for all types of same the more sensitive and reactive skins.

A small amount of milk cleanser is sufficient to overcome all types of even waterproof makeup.

In addition to makeup, they gently exfoliate your skin.

Your skin is regenerated, radiant and rejuvenated. Make-up Remover discs can be applied to remove make-up around the eyes.

++ 100% biodegradable, make-up disks are also certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Hand made, they are very high quality.

Quality control on the authenticity and purity of Konjac is directed at every stage.

directions for use:

Before use, moisten the disc water warm so that it becomes flexible.

Then, add one or two sprays of cleansing milk or gel cleanser must be organic and natural to not to damage prematurely the fiber from konjac.

We recommend the fluid cleaner cleanser or mild cleansing Emulsion.

After using the disk, rinse it in clean water, press it slightly and put it in the bag of dry, hang the bag.


Lot of 8 drives Makeup Removers