The counter resource Aroma Bio 30 capsules

Conducive to the reduction of stress and sleep dietary supplement.

Manufacturer: Le Comptoir Aroma

SKU: 1882383 countertop Aroma Bio resource 30 Capsules


Resource of countertop Aroma essential oils bio capsules are a dietary supplement that is conducive to the reduction of stress and sleep. To consume orally 30 capsules contain: small grain biagarade, Tangerine, lemongrass and Chamomile, known for their relaxing and calming virtues.

directions for use:

2 capsules evening dinner (or 20 minutes before sunset) or during the day before any requirement of modern life. Within the limit of 6 capsules per day.


vegetable oil from sunflower *, envelope (marine gelatin *, emulsifier: glycerol, water), organic essential oils: lemongrass *, Mandarin *, small grain bitter orange *, Roman Chamomile *. * Ingredients from organic agriculture.


Box 30 capsules