The counter of bath SOAP traditional de Marseille Rose 1 L

SKU: 5123919 the counter of bath SOAP traditional de Marseille Rose 1 l

SOAP of Marseilles is well known for its use in the household task. But it also has many dermatological properties. Indeed, it does not irritate the skin and it gently exfoliates it. In addition, it can even be used to disinfect wounds.


The bathroom countertop is the n 1 liquid soaps in pharmacy. It offers a range of products for the well-being and quality exclusively made in France. These products to the spellbinding scents reflect the tradition and give moments of pleasure in everyday life.

this range has developed the Traditional Marseille SOAP in the rose. This treatment is ideal for sensitive skin. Indeed, the oils it contains are plant and natural origin. Thus, the skin is not assaulted but soothed and hydrated.

So, the skin is cleaned efficiently but gentle.

, Its enchanting Rose fragrance leaves on the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.

Tips for using traditional Marseille SOAP Pink:

Use traditional Marseille SOAP daily under the shower or bath.

Apply a DAB of traditional SOAP on the whole of the body and the face, avoiding the eye, previously wet.

Lather gently making circular movements. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.


Store the dark.

Do not swallow the product and do not apply to mucous membranes.