Teane oil generous soothing 100ml

Oil Nutri which maintains the elasticity of the skin.
Manufacturer: Téane


SKU 9928962 Teane oil generous soothing 100ml


massage of the skin is a further success factor in the fight against stretch marks because stimulation of the gesture allows an excellent impregnation of assets. It is also a moment of relaxation because it takes more time to take care of itself. Oil is a texture that promotes the gesture of massage and for maximum comfort, we have developed a generous both ultra care oil texture and no effect bold. this oil contains 100% natural assets from organic agriculture. Paraben and hypoallergenic, it offers a high tolerance for sensitive skin and can be used in the first months of pregnancy. It restores elasticity and nourishes your skin.

oil generous soothing tips:

Apply morning and evening first sensations of tugging and the first months of pregnancy for efficiency.

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