Talika Zero stretch marks 60ml

Cream to smooth, unify and hydrate the skin to reduce stretch marks.

Manufacturer: Talika

SKU: 3957000


Zero stretch marks is the 1st radical treatment anti-stretch marks for women who want a skin without stretch marks, smooth and unified. It is the 1st care which acts on recent and old stretch marks. Zero stretch marks prevents the appearance of stretch marks, will be less colorful, less deep and make skin more supple and toned. According to test in vivo, Zero stretch marks cream "relaxes" fibroblasts by 27% from the first application and allows doubling the rate of effective collagen. After 3 months of use, according to the tests of satisfaction, stretch marks are less profound (87%), less colorful (68%) and the skin is smoother and more toned (87%).

Tips to use:

Apply circular massage from top to bottom. 2 times a day for 28 days.


A database D Stretch (extract of saw palmetto concentrate), tripeptide and olive squalane.


60 ml tube