Talika Slim Serum 100ml

Serum slimming for women who wish to smooth their cellulites and refine their silhouette.

Manufacturer: Talika

SKU: 3963000


Slim Serum is the number one slimming serum boosted by light, from the photo beauty therapy. Plant based extracts and high-tech actives, Slim Serum transforms fats released in cellular energy for enhanced slimming action. Fats are also less stored, the orange peel effect is decreased and the silhouette is refined. According to tests of satisfaction, in 6 weeks of use, the skin is firmer (79%), more tonic (93%), more moisturised (86%), and the orange peel appearance of the skin is decreased (73%).

How to use:

Apply circular massage from top to bottom. Two times a day for 28 days.


-Proline based,lauric acid and horse chestnut.


100ml tube