Talika eyebrow Expert 10ml

Gel with applicator for the growth of eyebrows with action on pigmentation in daily care.

Manufacturer: Talika

SKU: 3107200


Eyebrow is 1 care for growth and pigmentation natural eyebrows, from the remedial techniques. After 6 weeks of application, 77% of women find that eyebrows are denser, 81% there is less 'holes', 73% find that eyebrows fall less, and in 59% of cases the eyebrows are naturally more pigmented.

Tips to use:

Apply on all eyebrows. 2 times per day for minimum 28 days.


Made of nettle (stimulates the growth of eyebrows), Brown of India (strengthens the eyebrows), allantoin, soy lecithin, Witch Hazel (decongests), extracts from Apple (softens and calms) and Coleus Forskholi to strengthen the natural pigmentation of the eyebrow.


10 ml tube