Talika Eye Therapy Patch

Patch flash effect allowing an immediate smoothing action and action anti pockets anti wrinkles.
Manufacturer: Talika


SKU 3208100


Eye Therapy Patch is the patch anti wrinkle, anti dark circles and anti pockets for the contour of the resulting eye of cosmetic surgery techniques. Its mythical wheat germ oil based formula smoothes wrinkles and wrinkles in 30 minutes of application. Dark circles and puffiness are reduced thanks to rose oil. Eye therapy patch provides a flash bang effect and are re-usable.

Tips to use:

Remove the transparent film and apply the patch to the cleansed eye contour, allow 30 minutes. After use, clean the surface of the patch with a water cleansing cotton, then replace the transparencies. In treatment 3 times a week or when desired.


-Based (action smoothing) Shea butter and wheat germ oil, and ceramics


1 packet of 2 patches

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