Talika Eye Detox Specific for fair skin Roll on 15ml

Cream for anti dark circles and anti-puffiness with an applicator ball, for fair skin.

Manufacturer: Talika

SKU: 3855034


Talika Eye Detox Specific is the first dark circle treatment adapted to the skin color, derived from the detox methods. It provides an anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness action. Talika formula acts on the microcirculation of the eye contour, skin ageing, inflammation of the eye contour and also the oxidation of blood escaped from microcapillaires (which gives the color to dark circles). Clinical tests demonstrate 100% efficiency on the dark circles and the intensity of the dark circles is 26% less intense. Eye Detox Specific will act on marked transient or hereditary dark circles.

How to use:

Massage slightly from the inside towards the outside of the eye contour.


Chromadetox-based (stimulates the microcirculation, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory action), escin, oat extract (instant smoothing effect), soft focus powder to blur light and brighten the look, and a steel ball applicator helps to decongest and tone.


Roll'on 15ml