Syntholkine Patch heating back 4 patches

SKU: 0450114 Syntholkin Patch Chauffant Dos 4 Patchs


The heated patches SYNTHOLKINE have been designed to relieve muscle pain with heat: heat therapy, an effective and natural solution regularly used by physiotherapists.

Patches contain heat agents (iron, activated carbon, water...) which produce heat in contact with air.

The diffusion of heat will increase the blood flow, improve oxygen, essential nutrients, and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

This therapeutic heat diffuses continuously to relieve your cramps, relax your tense muscles and your body aches: you feel calm and relaxed.

Patches broadcast only heat, no substance enters your body.

Rapid action: the patch begins to heat after only a few minutes.

Sustainable relief: long duration, constant therapeutic heat.

Comfortable and flexible, SYNTHOLKINE heated patches are designed to fit perfectly the contours of the body and follow your movements.

Discrete and odorless, you feel relieved while remaining active.

directions for use:

1. remove the protective film from the patch.

2 apply the adhesive side directly on clean and dry skin at the level of the painful area pressing firmly.

3. patch starts to heat up after a few minutes and distributes a long duration heat.

4 gently pull the patch by lifting one end.

Do not use the patch over 8 hours on the same area per 24-hour period.

Do not use more dun patch per day on the same area.


SYNTHOLKINE patches are medical devices, they are regulated products which, under this regulation, marking this.


Box 4 patches.