Synergia Regederm 40 capsules

Contributes to the beauty of the skin.
Manufacturer: Synergia
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SKU 7862638 Synergia Regederm 40 capsules


Regederm is a synergy of vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium, to help protect the skin cells from oxidative stress, zinc, which participates in the maintenance of normal skin, as well as essential fatty acids (GLA, EPA and DHA).

Tips for using Synergia Regederm:

Cure of maintenance: 1 capsule per day to swallow at the end of breakfast.
sun exposure: start 15 days prior to the exhibition and extend 15 days after. Join anti-oxidant 200 especially if it hardly supports the Sun (lucite).


assets for 1 capsule (% RDA): evening primrose oil: 170 mg, fish oil: 60 mg which EPA: 35 mg, including DHA: 15 mg, vitamin C: 50 mg (62.5%), Zinc (citrate): 15 mg (150%), vitamin E natural: 10 mg (83%), vitamin B5: 5 mg (83%), natural carotenoids: 4.8 mg (100%) Vitamin B8: 0.15 mg (300%), Selenium (sodium selenate): 25 g (45%).

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