Synergia Glycontrol 30 tablets

Glycontrol helps in the maintenance of normal glucose control.

Manufacturer: Synergia

SKU: 4630287 Synergia Glycontrol 30 pills


Glycontrol is a synergy of chromium Picolinate and contributing to the maintenance of normal glucose control, Zinc associated to acid lipoic acid, carnosine, selenium, vitamins B1 and B8.

Tips for using Synergia Glycontrol:

1 tablet per day to be taken during the meal the most caloric. Glycontrol must be associated with a diet adapted to the pre-diabetic or diabetic person. A regular outlet is recommended.


assets to 1 tablet (% RDA): lipoic acid: 300 mg, L-Carnosine: 75 mg, Zinc (citrate): 7.5 mg (75%), vitamin B1: 0.7 mg (63.3%), vitamin B8 (biotin): 75 g (150%), chromium (chromium Picolinate): 25 g (62.5%), Selenium: 25 g (50%).