SVR Xerial 30 cream 100ml

Care keratoregulateur for dry, scaly skin States, thickened located
Manufacturer: SVR


SKU 9556584 SVR Xerial 30 cream 100 ml

Indications Care keratoregulateur for skin states dry, thickened, scaly localized (feet, hands, elbows, nails, knees) or extended (hair areas, pili incarnati). Properties based on the innovative keratoregulateur complex (urea, lactic acid, urea glycospheres) reinforced by glycerol, XERIAL 30 effectively removes dander and inhibits excessive thickening of the layer cornea. designed for a maximum tolerance (without fragrance) and enriched moisturizer (sorbitol) and soothing (allantoin) and lipid (Shea butter) , the E/H of XERIAL 30 texture rehydrates *, soothes the sensations of tugging, restores the protective hydrolipidic film. XERIAL 30 gives lasting softness, flexibility and comfort to the more dry skin and rough. operating tips apply daily morning and evening massage on the areas concerned (palms of hands, plants of the feet, heels, elbows, knees, hair areas). For calluses, use XERIAL 50 intensive care.