SVR sunscreen 50 Compact Beige Clair 10ml


SKU 4780940 SVR sunscreen 50 Compact Beige Clair 10 ml

Properties: dermatological sunscreen 50 Compact high protection is indicated in the protection of chemical filters-intolerant skins and photosensitive fragile skin. Its formula is based on a double innovation, the synergistic combination of micronized mineral screen reinforced by the filters optimizer which guarantees high protection and vitamin E concentrated 2% which effectively prevents skin ageing. Sweet and easy to apply, its texture with a powder finish, blends naturally with skin, hides imperfections and evens the tone. Effective sun protection for the most fragile skin and provides a real effect "good-looking". operating tips: apply using the sponge and smooth across the face by stretching to the outside. clean sponge in soapy water and well the dry before returning it to the housing. Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening