SVR Spirial cream antiperspirant 50ml

Intense normal or excessive sweating Sudoregulateur

Manufacturer: SVR



SKU: 2054164 SVR Spirial cream 50ml


  • intense Sudoregulateur of normal or excessive sweating, prevents the formation of odours at the level of the armpits, feet, hands, folds and face.
  • Ultra light texture that does not stick, does not stain.
  • Formula high tolerance, paraben, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, without propylene glycol suitable for daily use on sensitive skin.

Tips for using apply daily morning massage on clean skin at the level of the feet, hands and folds. The applicator dome allows a practical use at the underarm level.

Composition Emulsions H/E. aluminum Hydroxychloride 9%. Glycerol.

Products that can associate before application of Spirial cream it is advisable to clean the skin with a product without mild soap like Spirial Gel foam. for use in its armpits only, use Spirial ball that has a stronger deodorant effect.