SVR Specilift 35 + 40ml Emulsion

Creator care of new cells anti-wrinkle + firming normal skins mixed a
Manufacturer: SVR


SKU 9669176 SVR Specilift 35 + 40 ml Emulsion

installed wrinkles. Loss of firmness and elasticity. Complexion dull.
corrective Care global anti-ageing, acts effectively on all of the signs of aging skin.
The Patent of Specilift combines the Phytosphere of Pro-retinol plant to 2 active plant performance that stimulate the dynamic cell.

cell renewal: enables the creation of new cells, protects and promotes the repair of DNA

cellular Cohesion: reorganizes skin architecture by stimulating collagen synthesis and action of fibroblasts to retension the mesh skin.

so Specilift fixes and smooth installed wrinkles and restores its tonicity and elasticity to your skin.

energized and restructured, your skin tightens and her youth is preserved.

Council of use :
apply morning and/or evening on the face and neck. Pleasantly scented.
light, melting and non-greasy Texture penetrates quickly.
Excellent makeup base provides a smooth, matte, velvety finish to the normal skins mixed.

40 ml

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