SVR Rubialine cream 40ml


SKU: 4401670 SVR Rubialine cream 40 ml

Indications: Care anti redness active sensitive Skins and reactive. permanent or transient Redness (flush, prone to rosacea and rosacea skin), feelings of discomfort (tightness). is Suitable for men and women.

Properties : RUBIALINE is a cream based on assets to anti inflammatory, vasoprotective properties, soothing and moisturizing which:

  • Strengthens and tones the skin (Ruscus and vitamin P) capillary walls
  • decongests the skin (Dextran Sulfate)
  • soothes and moisturizes intensely
  • fight effectively against the sensations of temperature rises and flushes with a specific asset with a cool effect, immediate and long-term.

RUBIALINE cream reduces the intensity of redness and limit their recurrence. its light and non-greasy texture provides from its application immediate relief and a feeling of appeasement. RUBIALINE cream guarantees a very good tolerance on the most sensitive skin.

Tips : gently apply morning and/or evening on the skin clean and dry. This comfortable tinted emulsion of a neutralizing green of redness is an excellent make-up base. In combination or in addition to dermatological treatment

Composition: Ruscus - vitamin P Like glycosaminoglycans Dextran Sulfate mineral Polymer