SVR Hydracid C20 cream 30ml

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SKU: 4646288 SVR Hydracid C20 cream 30 ml


Anti-aging face cream. Lack of tonicity and firmness, irregularity of the complexion. Also suitable for men. Properties

with its concentration in vitamin C optimized high 20%, Hydracid C20 has a visible and effective anti-wrinkle action as early as 28 days. There is an effective decrease in the number and depth of wrinkles, more flexible, more toned skin, and a complexion more shiny. operating tips

is used in the morning on the face, neck and dcollet. Composition vitamin C optimized 20% Shea butter, Sorbitol, Troches, perfume. O/W emulsion. products that can associate

Hydracid Peel at night. Prior to application of Hydracid C20, clean the skin with a liquid gel without cold cream SOAP like Provegol Gel amount.

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