SVR Densitium eye cream 15ml


SKU 4792854 SVR Densitium Contour of eyes 15 ml

wrinkles around the eyes. Release of the eyelids. Dark circles, bags under the eyes.

-thanks to the presence of BIO-CALCIUM, the skin of the eye contour becomes denser and found its maintenance.
-thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid, the contour of the eye wrinkles will be smoothed.
-the sulphate of Dextran decongestant and draining properties reduces the puffiness under the eyes. A specific asset enables the elimination of the pigments responsible for colouring of rings to reduce.
-the polymer re-tensor instantly tightens eyelids for a younger look.

Operating tips:
every day, morning and evening, spread a small amount of product, small button on the contour of the eye, always from the inside to the outside (temples).
for wrinkles, apply cream by tapping emphasizing the Crow. For pockets, let the cream by smoothing the lower eyelid.

Deep Hyaluronic Acid
Dextran Sulfate decongestant
Polymer re-tensor eyelids
Derivative of Vitamin E, anti-free radicals
Asset specific concealer

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