SVR Densitium cream 30ml

face firming cream.
Manufacturer: SVR


SKU 2024654 SVR Densitium cream 30 ml


Cream Densitium SVR laboratories is a treatment for mature skin, with age the skin loses its density. The facial features relaxes, the skin loses its firmness, wrinkles appear.

This treatment firming deep must efficiency Bio-calcium:

  • the Bio-calcium, physiological complex highly assimilable by the skin, will reactivate the cellular cohesion, deeply restructure the skin and strengthen supporting tissues by protecting collagen. Charged calcium, the skin is firmer, stronger and reveals a more youthful appearance.
  • The hyaluronic acid ultra fragmented penetrates more quickly and more deeply into the skin to increase its consistency and its density. Marked wrinkles fade and the oval of the face is redrawn.

Densitium cream operating tips:

Apply daily on the face and neck, leaving the delicately perfumed skin.

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