SVR Densitium 45 + concentrate 30ml


SKU: 9811421 SVR Densitium 45 + concentrate 30 ml

Overview : mature skin, wrinkles installed, loss of density, sagging of the tissues and release of the contours of the face. -the Bio Calcium, physiological complex highly assimilable by the skin, will reactivate the cellular cohesion, deeply restructure the skin and strengthen supporting tissues by protecting collagen. charged calcium, the skin is firmer and more strong. -split Hyaluronic Acid ultra Deep penetrates more quickly and more deeply into the skin to increase its consistency and its density. Marked wrinkles fade and the oval of the face is redrawn. -the extract of artemisia, assets concentrated anti-slackening oligosaccharides repulpants avoids collapse of traits and restores harmony of the volumes. The outline of the face is remodeled. The skin regains density and maintenance. En 1 month, the skin is denser and firmer at 100%, marked wrinkles fade to 77%, the oval of the face is sharper, its maintenance is recessed.