Suveal Duo box for 1 month 30 capsules

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Omega 3, lutein, zeaxanthin, antioxidant vitamins and minerals in eyepiece.

Manufacturer: Densmore

SKU: 9833262 Suveal Duo box for 1 month 30 capsules

Food supplement rich in DHA, association eyepiece to lutein, vitamins C and E, Zinc. specific formula into one capsule per day -the DHA is a fatty acid of the Omega 3 family. It is one of the major constituents of the photoreceptors in the retina, suggesting his involvement in the Visual function -lutein and zeaxanthin are natural pigments, not synthesized by the body, which are naturally concentrated at the level of the retina. -vitamins C, E and Zinc contribute to cellular protection against oxidative damage -zinc also contributes to the maintenance of good vision.



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H. Lizzie
  the 17/10/2017
4/ 5
It is hard to rate a product like this as you don't actually see an improvement but I am hopeful that taking these tablet's will prevent my condition from getting worst I have been reliably informed they will.I have to return to the hospital for a further check up and I am hoping to be discharged with-out further treatment.If this is the case I shall most certainly keep taking them.I have also found that by taking one tablet half way though breakfast it does actually stop the tablet repeating on you which at first it did.You live and learn.