Suveal Alphalarm 60 capsules

Food supplement Omega 3, Omega 6, alpha lipoic acid, vitamins and minerals.

Manufacturer: Densmore

SKU: 4432162 Suveal Alphalarm 60 capsules

Description Alphalarm :

There in the tear film an antioxidant defense system to protect the conjunctiva and cornea of the environment.

This defence system is often exceeded in external attacks such as pollution, air conditioning, working on screen... this protection deficit induces alteration of the surface cells (conjunctival and corneal) which causes and aggravates drought. eyepiece Alphalarm brings vitamins (C, E), minerals (zinc) and the alpha lipoic acid antioxidant that contributes to cellular protection against these attacks , polyunsaturated fatty acids: omega 3 (EPA, DHA) and Omega 6 (GLA) precursor of anti-inflammatory agent.

Alphalarm operating tips:

1 capsule per day to take breakfast with a glass of water to cure for 2 months renewable. do not exceed the recommended daily intake.