Supradyn vitamin gum box 70


SKU: 5364557 supradyn vitamin gum box 70


Vitamin Supradyn gums are essential in everyday life especially in the case of an active life.

It is not always easy to keep up with work, school, daily activities, outputs, this is why these gums provide all the energy and tone need to be shaped.

Practical and quick to take, their soft appearance is reminiscent of candy full of vitamins.

Its formula of coenzyme and 7 vitamins (A, B6, B8, B12, C, D3 and E) contributes to the normal energy maintenance and therefore brings you a balance.

The different scents of the gums will transport you in a world full of vitality and fruity.

Raspberry, cherry and orange taste.


Chew 2 gum per day, preferably morning.

Can be taken daily.

From 15 years.


Glucose syrup - sugar - gelatin - vitamin C - vitamin E - coenzyme Q10 - vitamin B8 - maltodextrin - vitamin A - mixture - vegetable oil - flavors (orange, raspberry and cherry) - vitamin B6 - vitamin D3 - vitamin B12 - coating agents (beeswax yellow, and white wax ecarnauba).