Supradyn Boost effervescent tablets 20


SKU: 4665251 supradyn Boost effervescent tablets 20

Description: between professional life sustained, intense sports activities and social life active (parties, restaurant...), you sometimes miss energy and concentration; your day can you seem endless. Aware that it is impossible to slow down your pace, need you a 'boost' of energy to take throughout the day. thanks to its unique formula consisting of guarana, vitamins B and C, zinc and magnesium, Supradyn Boost :< allows you to br / >-find your physical and intellectual energy - and stimulate your concentration. one tablet is enough to give you plumb for the day! to take preference the morning after breakfast. you can renew Supradyn Boost taking several times per week if need be.

operating tips: Supradyn Boost is a dietary supplement available in sparkling good taste acerola tablet, reserved for adults over 15 years of age, in addition to a varied diet and balanced. it is not recommended for women pregnant and lactating women.