Super Diet radish black Bio - 20 Ampoules of 15Ml

Fluid extract of Black radish roots grown in France.

Manufacturer: SuperDiet

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Root characterized by its white flesh wrapped in a black skin and its distinctive flavor, Black radish is a vegetable traditionally used for centuries. It is also known under the name of radish winter because of its late harvest during the autumn months. It was in 1973 that was held the first extraction of the juice Super Diet. Grown in Normandy and Northern France, according to the standards of organic agriculture, nois radish is harvested and pressed cold upon his arrival on the site Super Diet: the laboratory teams thus guarantee you a pure organic juice. Black radish of the laboratories Super Diet is the testimony of a genuine know-how. Extracts fluids are manufactured in the workshops of the Super Diet laboratory to extraction methods, proven since the 1970s: - infusion - decoction: the complementarity of these two methods to obtain a fluid extract. These extracts fluids are made without alcohol, or conservative, and dye. -the cold extraction that allows to obtain pure juice. Did you know? "A pure juice is a juice which has not undergone any addition product according to the regulations in force, any", and is thus particularly alcohol-free, no colouring, preservative-free.

Tips to use:

Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. We recommend that you follow the doses recommended, to ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. 1 to 3 ampoules per day.


Black radish juice * (roots). * organically produced Ingredient


Drinkable 15 ml ampoule