Super Diet Pemplemousse seed extract Bio 100ml

The extract of Grapefruit seed support natural defences.

Manufacturer: SuperDiet

SKU: 9930841 super Diet Pemplemousse seed extract Bio 100ml


11200 mg Bio of Super Diet Grapefruit seed extract guarantees a product of high quality:

  • An exceptional concentration in Bioflavonoids: 1120 mg Bioflavonoids for 100 ml
  • Alcohol-free formulation
  • A biological quality

Bioflavonoids contained in Grapefruit seed extract are precious assets contained naturally in seeds, bark and pulp of grapefruit, and recognized for their anti-infectious action and to support the immune system.

extract seeds of grapefruit operating tips:

Take 10 to 30 drops per day to refrigerate after opening.