Super Diet original Navy 230g Magnesium

SKU: 8186300 Super Diet Magnesium of origin Marine 230 g


Super Diet offers in the form of family size of magnesium of marine origin. Magnesium helps reduce fatigue, participates in the normal functioning of the nervous system as well as a normal energy metabolism.

Its original format powder, his good taste of lemon and its presentation in big pot are ideal for the family. This pot allows to perform a program of 2 months. The included measuring spoon gives a practice that brings up to 270 mg of magnesium per day on average.

Operating tips

Fill the spoon until the graduation corresponding to your age and dilute the powder in a glass of water with meals or sprinkle your dairy products and compotes.If you are pregnant or nursing, ask your doctor for advice.

Should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store out of reach of children and away from moisture.


Maltodextrin, Mineral: Oxide of Magnesium of origin Navy, extract of lemon (media: maltodextrin, gum of Acacia).