Super Diet Fluidilege Bio - 20 Ampoules of 15Ml

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Bio Fluidilege, Ginkgo and Red vine which contributes to the proper functioning of your circulation sanguine. 9 plants and fruits bio.

Tips to use:

Fluidilege is to eat in half a glass of water at the rate of an ampoule 15 ml per day in 20-day program. Shake the bulb before use. To complement its action, you can associate Fluidilege ampoules with Fluidilege gel. We recommend that you follow the doses recommended, to ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. Tip: If you tend to have orange skin, make sure good circulation of blood with Fluidilege to promote the elimination of water and toxins.


Aqueous extract of Ginkgo biloba *, red vine *, Witch Hazel *, clover *, Hazel *-red grape concentrates *, blackcurrant * and Cranberry *-fluid extracts of Red vine * and Witch Hazel *-dry extracts of Red vine * (support: maltodextrin), Witch Hazel * (support: maltodextrin) and small Holly * (support: maltodextrin). * organically produced Ingredient.


Drinkable 15 ml ampoule