Super Diet evening primrose - Borage 200 capsules

evening primrose and Borage contribute to maintain a beautiful skin.

Manufacturer: SuperDiet

SKU: 4819240 super Diet evening primrose-Borage 200 capsules


Laboratories Super Diet were selected for you these 2 oils obtained by pressure cold:

  • evening primrose, also called "Evening primrose", is a bisannelle yellow-flowered plant. Its fruit is a capsule containing many seeds which is extracted oil contributing to the maintenance of a normal skin.
  • borage is an annual flowering plant blue-azure used for oil extracted from its seeds.

Super Diet evening primrose-Borage operating tips:

3 to 5 capsules per day, preferably during the meal. for optimal efficiency, make a cure for 2 months renewable. it is recommended to observe the doses recommended, make sure to have a varied and balanced diet and a lifestyle healthy. keep out of reach of young children.