Super Diet Drainaflore Bio 30 bulbs x 15ml

Allows the detoxification of the body.
Manufacturer: SuperDiet
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SKU 8123130 Super Diet Drainaflore Bio 30 Ampoules X 15Ml


Drainaflore Bio is an exclusive complex of 15 organic burdock and wild Pansy plants, recognized for the maintenance of a clear skin, chicory, which helps protect the liver from toxins, birch, contributing to intestinal activity, quackgrass, recognized to help excretory kidney functions and Mallow which participates in the well-being of the respiratory tract.

Each of these plants is thus on 1 of the 5 emunctories namely: skin, liver, INTESTINES, kidneys and lungs. Drainaflore Bio is especially recommended changes in the season, before a slimming programme and whenever the need arises.

directions for use:

1 bulb per day. Not recommended for children under 12 years old and pregnant and lactating women. Not recommended for people suffering from allergy to salicylates derivatives. Do not consume prolonged. Recommended if you are allergic to plants of the family of Asteraceae.


For 1 bulb: aqueous mauve (sheet) (150mg) extract, quackgrass (rhizome) (84 mg), Rosemary (leaf) (84 mg), chicory (root) (84 mg), wild Pansy (flowering aerial parts) (84 mg), thyme (leaf) (84 mg), Birch (leaf) (84 mg), burdock (root) (67 mg), ash (sheet) (67 mg), Meadowsweet (flowering) (67 mg) - juice concentrates of prune (fruit) (3233 mg), red grape (fruit) (1967 mg) and elderberries (fruit) (500 mg) - Black radish juice (root) (467 mg) and Aloe vera (gel) (227 mg).


Box 30 ampoules.

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